Transitioning to a Remote Workforce Amidst COVID-19

SECURITY and SAFETY are the primary concerns with remote workforce. ComputerLand provides solutions to ensure business continuity while mitigating risks.

As widespread remote work policies and procedures have been implemented to facilitate social distancing and “flatten the curve.” We need to simultaneously be mindful of increased security risks. Risks can present themselves as a pandemic-related phishing email to increased pressure on network architecture.

ComputerLand has always and will continue to provide the highest-level of service to all our customers as it has done since 1991. Ensuring secure continuity is our top priority. We have the infrastructure in place to assist your team with this transition.

Our strategic partners are providing free or enhanced Cloud services to assist with the immediate transformation of the workforce. There are also solutions for collaboration tools as well as managing remote devices through a central dashboard, along with network devices.

Successful transitioning from in-office to off-site requires a clear plan in place to keep operations going with minimal downtime and without sacrificing productivity, and communications. Contact us today for more information.

During a time of limited customer support with many companies – it’s vital to keep systems running as smooth as possible. There are proactive and preventative measures to implement to protect remote workers.

Click here for checklist of essential actions to mitigate security risks associated with working remotely.