ComputerLand has been a Microsoft partner for over 30 years, with decades of experience implementing Microsoft solutions for public and private organizations of all sizes across all industries. Our priority is to make sure your IT capabilities align with your long-term strategic goals.

Migration & Deployment Services

Making sure your business can benefit fully from the latest technologies on the market require data migrations. We understand what is at stake. Our seamless methodology has successfully executed migrations of all sizes.

ComputerLand's team of experienced migration architects has performed full migrations of applications, software, web apps, websites, and other digital solutions. We ensure your migration is communicated every step of the process from initial consultation to software set-up and fine-tuning, implementation, and post-migration support.

Moving your assets to the public, private, or hybrid Cloud environment? Our migration team can efficiently do cloud-to-cloud or server-to-cloud migrations.
ComputerLand provides migration services for Azure, AWS, and others.

Software no longer being supported? It’s time to move past some legacy products even though they are still useful, but not longer efficient.
ComputerLand can do a full migration to the platform of choice.

Legacy enterprise platforms are too old and can no longer be utilized. Our migration team can perform technology and platform migrations. We have experience working with many CRMs, CMSs, ERPs, and custom enterprise tools.

Do you want to migrate your website or web app between servers/hosts or change the underlying technology of your web products? ComputerLand will ensure your bandwidth, performance, and functional needs are taken care of and features maintained keeping the data of your web entity as is.

ComputerLand can manage the transfer of databases, websites, applications, IT infrastructure, etc. between servers. These operations are executed while maintaining the DBMS structure, hierarchy, schema, and file formats.

Data migration is the most challenging part to move your application to a new system. ComputerLand will strategically design and carefully implement this essential task for the safety of your data.