ComputerLand delivers secure mobile and wireless technology with the performance and enterprise access to enable productive [remote] workplaces and enhance employee collaboration.

Transforming Mobile Workspaces with ComputerLand’s Mobility and Wireless Solutions

The shift to a fully remote workforce has amplified the demand for high-performance mobile devices and increased bandwidth. At ComputerLand, we offer advanced Mobility and Wireless Solutions, empowering employees for an enriched mobile and Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) experience.

Navigating IT Challenges in the Mobile Era

IT managers grapple with maintaining secure mobile device management while keeping business and personal data separate. The diverse mobile workforce, with its myriad of manufacturers, platforms, and operating systems, demands round-the-clock access to company data from any location. ComputerLand addresses these challenges head-on, delivering fast, reliable, and secure networks.

Total Control Over Your Mobile Environment

We design our integrated, end-to-end mobile solutions to mitigate risks by:

  • Providing centralized services for mobile environments in line with industry standards.
  • Controlling and safeguarding data and configuration settings across all mobile devices in the network (Mobile Device Management or MDM).
  • Ensuring that new devices, whether corporate or end-user-owned, are suitably configured for business use.
  • Supporting multiple operating systems and applications to enhance employee productivity.
  • Focusing on enabling primary system interfaces on the latest device technology.
  • Enhancing security through user authentication, biometric solutions, mobile application management technology, and data isolation.
  • Actively monitoring networks to detect and mitigate security threats.

Leverage the Power of Advanced Mobility and Wireless Technologies

Seeking a robust mobile strategy that harnesses today’s advancements in mobility and wireless technologies? ComputerLand delivers secure, cost-effective solutions that leverage your existing infrastructure while addressing potential mobility breaches.

Contact us today to discover how ComputerLand can redefine your mobile workspace with our advanced Mobility and Wireless solutions.